Lunch at Raw Aura

While I love to eat healthy food and appreciate the organic, vegan, and raw food trends, they’re just too extreme for my liking! A girl’s gotta have her meat. Nevertheless, my co-workers kept talking about this restaurant Raw Aura where they use all raw ingredients and nothing is cooked over 43C. The pizza isn’t actually pizza, the noodles aren’t really noodles, the meat isn’t meat, and the desserts aren’t baked. Say WHAT? Sounds weird but I had to give it a shot and now I’m hooked! I took my mom (okay she took me) for lunch and we snagged a table on the patio right on Lakeshore in Port Credit so it was sunny and bustling. I got the Pasta Bolognese and mom got the Burstin’ Burrito. Here’s what the menu says:

Burstin’ Burrito:

A soft sun-dried tomato and carrot tortilla stuffed with lettuce, tomato, red onion, guacamole, and refried pumpkin seed beans, garnished with cashew sour cream and side salsa.

burrito recipe

Pasta Bolognese:

Zucchini noodles tossed in a rich housemade tomato red pepper basil marinara sauce, sunflower seed and sun dried tomato sausage, topped with almond parmesan.

Vegetarian pasta

I liked the Pasta but LOVED the Burrito. It actually looks like pasta and you can twirl it on your fork. It smelled fresh and had tons of different textures which is always so key. But dayum the Burrito was delicious. The inside is creamy and the “tortilla” had incredible flavour mmm mmm mmm. I thought it was better than any wrap I’ve had. So I ended up eating my pasta (giving a few bites to mom) and having half the burrito. THEN we got Almond Bars which are my favourite thing on the menu. They don’t sound like the greatest compared to the brownie or chocolate banana cake (always go for chocolate) but they’re AMAZING! They truly melt in your mouth and have a bit of brunch from the almonds. Wow I want one now.

 Almond cake

The combination of all the raw ingredients left me feeling super full. While the vegetables are loaded with fiber, the sauces and creams are rich and high in fat. Nut butters and quacamole are high in mono- and poly- unsaturated fat (the “good fat”) as well as protein, minerals and vitamins. The use of coconut oil is controversial because it’s said to speed up the metabolism but it’s extremely high in saturated fats (the “bad fat”). I loved the atmosphere, the smells and the way it’s prepared right in front of everyone because there’s no need for a back over or stone. It’s definitely a great spot and you never know, raw food might just win you over!


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