Rousseau House

Rousseau House is a beautiful, old fine dining restaurant located in Ancaster. The food is creative and fresh, with new items continuously  appearing on the menu. The dinner menu features classic dishes like beef tenderloin and rack of lamb, but my favourite part is the Tapas menu — Tapas Tuesday to be exact, with $5 items! We sampled the Seared Scallops, Korean Braised Pork Back Ribs, Escargot and Gnocchi, Grilled Beef Bruschetta and Coconut Shrimp. Everything was perfection!!! Just thinking about the scallops makes me start to drool — topped with housemade BACON jam… whhaaaa…. and served in a seashell.

Mouth watering scallops

What really makes this restaurant magical is the calm the old Victorian home, built in 1838, brings you. A patio wraps around the outside of the building, with white table clothes giving it a pristine look.

Korean RIbs

— Adry 



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