Khao San Road & Sukho Thai Reviews – Best Thai in Toronto

Ever since our trip to Thailand in March 2011, Thai food’s been one of my faaaavourite cuisines. We were all foodies so every meal was an adventure and we definitely made the most of it (and our bellies) by adding more dishes and drinks as the day went on.  I wish we could have our Full Moon Party meal again….spring rolls, satays, curries, stir fries, and lots of pad thai. Then we partied til the sun came up!

full moon party

Dinner before the Full Moon Party

After two years, I’m happy to say I finally found LEGIT Thai food at home. I’ve been meaning to try Koh San Road in the Entertainment District for a long time because the reviews are fantastic. It was jam packed at 7pm so we put our names in and went for a drink down the street. An hour later, the four of us were sitting with menus in hand, debating what to order and taking a look around. The design at Khao San Road was very different than most Thai restaurants and felt even more authentic as a result. With no flashy signs or Buddha’s, it had a more cool, artsy look and feel with dark floors, earthy tones, and fun paintings on the walls.

Some of you know that I seriously struggle with decisions, especially at restaurants because I don’t want to miss out on another dish or have food envy. Luckily, we all shared a bit! I ended up ordering the Chef’s Special Pad Thai which promises to “Take the street style Pad Thai and elevate it” with three flavour styles; Sweet, Sour, and Savory. It was….AMAZING!! The sauce definitely delivered on flavor and even the colour was just right; a light reddish/brown instead of bright red and oily. The big difference in this sauce was fresh, homemade tamarind paste, which the chef confirmed when he chatted with our table after 🙂Pad ThaiAdry ordered the Braised Beef Khao Soi – egg noodles in a coconut milk enriched curry, garnished with crispy noodles, green onion, coriander and lime. It’s hard to describe just how good this dish was…the flavours were complex, deep and addictive. The smell alone was very powerful, so once you got a big spoonful of the tender beef and noodles, all soaked in the rich golden curry sauce, you were in Thai food heaven.Khao SoiCheck out the Khao San Road menu and some more food reviews.

I also went to the new Sukho Thai on Wellington recently and blew my mind! I have’t been to the original one on Parliament but I really loved this location with its tall ceilings, big windows, and mix of wood and red brick…perfect for the Distillery District. Their Khao Soi specialty was very similar to the one at Khao San Road, and this time I got to have it all for myself! We thought the waiter would sell us on a couple of different options but he was set on the Khao Soi and boyyyyy was he right! Both huge food and travel lovers, we were very impressed and loving every spoonful of explosive flavour.golden currySurprisingly, Sukho actually take reservations so if you’re time sensitive this may be the better option, plus it sits more people. So from now on, be on the lookout for their cute elephant logo because you WILL love it! I’m putting it out there – Khao San Road and Sukho Thai are easily the top two Thai restaurants in Toronto!


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