Yours, Mine & Theirs

Yours, Mine and Theirs is a food blog that covers all three areas of cooking and eating.

“Yours” is dedicated to our favourite recipes from friends and family. They’re the dishes we can’t wait to see at parties and wish we could make ourselves. We hope you send us your recipes so we can post them on your behalf!

“Mine” is for recipes that we make ourselves, whether they’re experimental or a personal favourite.

“Theirs” is for restaurant reviews and mock recipes since we love to dine out so much.

We hope you enjoy our food blog and that you contribute your favourite recipes…and let us try them!

Who Are We?

We are Adry Coburn and Sam Sterne, two young girls who love to eat, drink, and travel. Our favourite way to spend time is eating delicious meals and drinking good wine with great friends, whether it be in our backyards, at a restaurant, or in another country. In 2011 we travelled to India, Thailand, and Greece together where each culture and cuisine won us over in different ways. Our conversations and schedules were largely based on what we were eating, where we’d go next, and how long until our next meal. We try to eat healthy while enjoying every bite and treating ourselves often.

Adry and Sammy in Greece! We are probably full of Lamb Kaftika, Tzatiki and Gyros at this point


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